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about us

Lindner Foundation Uganda is an initiative of Hans Lindner Stiftung, the charity arm of Hans Lindner International based in Arnstorf Germany. Hans Lindner Stiftung has been supporting education of vulnerable children and youth in Uganda through other organizations since 1999. However, in 2005, Lindner Foundation Uganda was launched to directly implement activities. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees, the same members of the Board of Hans Lindner Stiftung, is responsible for its funding.

Our Vision
The vision of the Foundation in Uganda is to contribute to the process of poverty alleviation through the provision of education and marketable skills to vulnerable children and youth.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide and promote with unwavering integrity and commitment charitable services to the vulnerable children and youth, so that they can gain hope in life and grow up to be productive and responsible citizens.

Our Objective
The objectives are to improve access to quality education and vocational skills to vulnerable children and youth. The Foundation envisages achieving its objectives through; setting up and implementing programs/projects; supporting organizations and institutions that help people who are deprived where such organizations and/or institutions depend on support from others; and giving one-off payments or regular allowances to people who run into economical difficulties.

Our Mandate.
The Foundation is currently implementing an education sponsorship for vulnerable children and youth from all parts of Uganda at primary, secondary, vocational and tertiary levels of education.The activities of the Foundation under the sponsorship programme include; identification and recruitment of beneficiaries, payment of requirements and monitoring general welfare and academic progress of beneficiaries. To qualify for selection, prospective beneficiaries’ vulnerability is assessed. They must also exhibit high potential and show ability and desire to continue with education.

The sponsorship package includes tuition fees, scholastic materials, meals, uniform, transport and medical; depending on the level of education, the requirements of the level and the state of vulnerability of the beneficiary. All sponsorship payments are made directly to the schools or institutions the beneficiaries attend.

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    about us

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