Lindner Foundation Uganda is a registered Non-governmental Organization (NGO) which started operation in 2006. It is an arm of Hans Lindner Foundation a charity based in Arnstorf, Germany. The Foundation provides community based education support to bright but vulnerable children through payment of school fees, provision of uniform, scholastic materials as well as life skills training to both the beneficiaries and their parents. Though its offices are in Kira Municipal Council, Wakiso district, the Foundation operates in all regions of the country in selected districts through a network of volunteers and partners. At the office premises, the Foundation has a boarding facility that can house 50 primary school children whose home environment cannot support their education. The Foundation ensures all children supported are traceable to a parent or a guardian.
The strategic framework of Lindner Foundation is guided by the principles of; children and youth centeredness, participation, cultural and social competence and partnership and collaboration. These principles are enumerated as follows; –

  1. Children and youth centeredness: The children and the youth are at the centre of the Foundation’s work. The activities, work methods are informed by the educational and strategic needs of the children. The Foundation focuses on children whose families are traceable. This facilitates the process of exit and community integration of the children
  2. Participation: The Foundation involves children the communities and other key stakeholders in decision making processes.
  3. Cultural and social competence: The Foundation conducts its business in a manner that’s sensitive, responsive and appreciative to the culture and social settings of the individual child under care.
  4. Partnership and collaboration: In recognition of the important role played by other stakeholders, the Foundation shall strive to initiate and promote strong partnerships and collaborations with the relevant institutions and development agencies.