Beneficiaries’ Life Skills Training

The Foundation develops and conduct/carry out training and workshop in life skills for all beneficiaries at least once year. The training are conducted during holidays in the beneficiaries’ home area or at the boarding house as may be determined by the programs officer. This is designed to enrich the social aspects that comes with nurturing values and helping these bright vulnerable youth in growing up to become responsible citizens.

Parents/Guardian Training Programs

The Foundation also develops Programs for training both guardians and partners on beneficiary management. Such training include topics on positive parenting, child protection, children rights and obligations, child care and guidance skills. The Programs Office identify suitable partners with skills and expertise to conduct such training.

Monitoring Visits

Monitoring visits  to schools  and homes are conducted. These visits are for assessment of the learners’ academic performance and their living conditions at home.

(i) School Visits

The field team conducts visits to partner schools at least twice a year.  They come up with a time table to ensure that all beneficiaries’ schools are visited at least twice a year. These visits include talks with the school teachers on the conduct and discipline of the students, school attendance and to discuss academic performance as well general development of a child.

(ii) Home Visits

The Foundation conducts home visits to the beneficiaries’ home at least once a year to evaluate their living conditions. It’s as a result of these home visits that the Foundation decides on which beneficiaries to accommodate either at the Foundation’s boarding house or in boarding schools. The beneficiaries whose home conditions are not favorable will be given first priority.