Kivumbi Charles

My Success Story


I joined Lindner Foundation in 2006 when I was in senior three after a great tussle in the Academic world which included; tuition, scholastic materials among others. My mother died when I was four, I never saw my father. Life was so hard, I lived in the village with my grandmother where we hustled to get me at least complete primary school. We sought opportunities, which were farfetched they did not come. Fortunately I finished primary seven, passed well and joined secondary in a village school. Through hardship I completed senior two. I thought it was over!

It was not the plan of God that I drop out. That afternoon is still a moment to remember, a moment the redeeming hand of the Lord came to my reach. It still tantalizes my emotion and makes my mind glow. My grandmother had tried all possible means and was at the verge of giving up! She used to wonder, considering it a curse with such sayings, “the child performs well but why us?” then I used to reply that there are others performing better, as a consolation.

That afternoon, one of the social workers my grandmother had interacted with before came home. She asked to take me to her home and she had found a school for me but the sponsor was still in doubt. My grandmother accepted because, I think, she was desperate. As for me, I was happy because I was going to school again but felt pain of leaving my grand mum.

Days later I was taken to a magnificent office by the social worker with all my academic documents where I was asked a few logical questions. I was offered a big form to fill from home. I met, for the first time in my life people who were technically strange to me yet so loving and caring substituting for mum and dad! Those very people went to my grandmother’s home, took photos of our ram shackled residence of hustle. The same people visited me at school. They made a turning point in my life to the positive that I am still living today. Later I came to learn that the man is the Country Manager Mr. Denis Awalinga and the lady was the Sponsorship officer, Miss Aye Cora Lydia.

Two weeks later in the final term of senior three, my fees were paid fully. I was declared a complete beneficiary of the great Lindner Foundation Uganda! I completed the term, performed well and I joined senior four. It was so amazing that I was the first student to complete fees payments including Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) registration fees. I studied smoothly, joyfully with focus to be great because the greatest opportunity presented, I had to spot it instantly. Senior four was accomplished well with first grade in Rock Foundation Secondary School Nsambya. My prayers were answered! This was a break through, the take off stage, with Lindner Foundation in the driving seat.

The Continuation

Lindner Foundation never held the hand down, I was lifted up! After O level results were released, I took my report to the organization. They were so pleased and gave me freedom to choose a school for my A level. I chose Masaka secondary school where I studied my High school Certificate. Sincerely there is no time I missed classes because of school fees. Most remarkably Madam Cora used to travel from Kampala to visit me in Masaka and make my fees payments! The tender loving care!

My experience in Masaka was so good, I studied in a school with biggest number of students in the Southern region, met new friends, and acquired skills of self-expression even in many people and studying with different people of different backgrounds.

In Masaka I studied Sciences including Physics Chemistry, Biology and Maths. At the end of the two years I managed to score 22points in the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examinations. The maximum was 25. All this success, courtesy of Lindner Foundation!

Then I qualified on National Merit for Government Sponsorship in Gulu University for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. However, Lindner Foundation did not pull out despite the fact that Government sponsors my study. Since I joined the University Lindner caters for my functional fees and upkeep! I was availed with a laptop computer for my study! What a caring Organization this is!

Currently I am in my final semester of the five years I have spent in Medical school. I am becoming a doctor, my dream, my passion. What I feel can never be imagined by another! It is awesome! This momentarily rests my Academic journey with Lindner Foundation. Below are other tales of success with the same organ.

Life skills

It is not only Academic work that is the focus of Lindner Foundation. The Foundation meets all the life aspects of the beneficiaries building up intimately the whole person who is able to tackle all challenges with an absolutely diversified mind.

We are invited for annual workshops in magnificent premises for life skills training. The training is facilitated by expert successful people who have the knowledge of comprehending into different thoughts logically. There is no chance of being left the same.

This has with utmost positivity impacted on my life and others, socially spiritually academically and personally. We meet with fellow beneficiaries from different places in different levels, we interact share our stories; successful, joyful sorrowful and agonizing. We live together, we pray together, we play together, and we feed together over the keen kind watch of our administrators. We are a family! We develop our talents, we discover talents and use them!

The sorrow is forgotten. We receive expert counselling on how to study, pursue our careers, forgiveness, and abstinence, among others. It is usually of one week duration. Assuredly, by the time we leave one can easily notice faces with a difference, happy minds and joyful hearts armored with skills ready to conquer for victory. I became very positive and optimistic with realistic goals and vision.

The tale above explains the greatness of Lindner Foundation, completing the person as a whole, leaving no stone unturned. This shaping is a sparkle which ignites the fire of burning with success and victory, well equipped with the machinery.


The above comprises my tale of woe interspersed with a tale of success! This is what Lindner foundation has brought to me. Thus far we have moved, and still together heart by heart. You have shined a bright light into my future which seemed dark! Not only I, but also all your beneficiaries. From the verge of failure to profound success you have moved me. You accepted the Almighty God to use you as my father and my mother! My words feelings and imagination of thanking you are infinite surpassing human expression.

“Low in the mud, you dug me,

Down in the meadow I was rolling, you lifted me,

You cleaned me,

You carried me and cared for me tenderly,

Now here I am moving to magnificence, with you holding my hand,

You paved my way to success, you cleared the hills and filled the valleys.”

YOU, LINDNER FOUNDATION, May the Good Lord bless you abundantly!


Photos of me are missing but I will send them soon. There is a breach in my communication devices. I am sorry for the delay!




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