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Education is a fundamental tool to lasting positive change in children’s lives. However for millions of children and youth in Uganda, education is beyond reach.

Lindner Foundation offers sponsorship to bright but vulnerable children and youths from all parts of the country regardless of their religion, sex and ethnicity. Vulnerable group shall include but not limited to

  • Orphaned children
  • Those from poor socio-economic backgrounds
  • Neglected children
  • Those affected  HIV/AIDS and war

All of the above should be bright, God fearing and must show willingness to study

Education sponsorship to children may be at the following levels of education

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Vocational
  • Tertiary levels of education. The Foundation’s tenures are contingent on

the conclusion of a logical section of the education process and obtaining the

relevant qualifications e.g. “O” level, A level, College and or/ University Certificate.

Where there are no discontinuations, the Foundation shall provide sponsorship

to a beneficiary until completion of the Tertiary level of education.

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