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Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for selection, prospective beneficiaries’ must fulfill the following eligibility requirements;

  1. They must be school going children. The Foundation does not sponsor pre-school activities like day care and nursery school.
  2. They must be financially needy. To be eligible, prospective beneficiaries would have proven that financial resources in their immediate families are inadequate to support a quality education for them.
  3. The children must also exhibit high potential and commitment to progress through the school system.
  4. The children must be performing at a level consistently higher than average in their two previous school assessments (school reports).
  5. Special consideration shall be given to children who meet school requirements but are also socially vulnerable i.e. where children are potentially exposed to physical and emotional abuse from the immediate family.
  6. The beneficiary must be disciplined and must demonstrate sustained good behavior both at school and in the community.
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