The Sponsorship package may include provision of one or more of the following; school fees, uniform, and/or scholastic materials. Parents/guardians are expected to provide conducive environment for study, personal requirements and transport to and from schools as the case may require.

Sponsorship Tenure

The Foundation’s tenures are contingent on the completion of every level of education at the primary, secondary or vocational and obtaining the desired grades. Where such grades are achieved, the Foundation shall provide sponsorship to a beneficiary until completion of the tertiary level of education.

Tertiary Education Sponsorship

The tertiary level is however administered as interest free study loan scheme. Assessment of eligibility for every level remains an ongoing process. The primary condition for continued sponsorship is availability of funds at the Foundation.

Categories of beneficiaries

The foundation has two categories of beneficiaries; the Community-Based category where children are supported from their homes and Residence category where they are supported from the foundation’s boarding house and attend a near by school.

 Home-based Beneficiaries

In principle the Foundation, wherever practicable, sponsors children to obtain suitable education at the schools immediate to their family setting.  Consideration is made to sponsor children at boarding schools under the following circumstances;

  1. Where there are no suitable day schools within a reasonable commuting distance.
  2. Where commuting to school will considerably disrupt the beneficiaries’ academic performance.
  3. Where the social-economic circumstances at home may hinder the child’s academic performance.
  4. Where the school authorities recommends admission to the boarding school as the most desirable arrangement for the beneficiaries academic and social progress.
  5. Where there is sufficient home support to monitor and support the child’s welfare while at boarding school.

 Resident/Boarding House Beneficiaries

The boarding house has been set up to provide an alternative placement for primary school going vulnerable beneficiaries who may not have the right social support at home to encourage continuing education and child development. The Foundation takes full care of their study and living costs and their general welfare since they are removed from the parents/guardians for considerably long periods of time.

In an attempt to discover and develop the talents, the Foundation supports the beneficiaries in the Boarding House to engage in activities like Music Dance and Drama, Games and Sports. This is conducted by the professional trainers in that field basing on the arrangement made by the Foundation.

Occasionally the boarding House provides accommodation when Alumni and Volunteers are attending training programmes during holidays.

Eligibility for the Boarding House

Children fitting any or all the circumstances below are recommended to live at the Foundation’s boarding house.

  1. Children from homes where there is no appropriate guardian.
  2. Vulnerable children living under the guidance of an elderly and needy adult.
  3. Children with homes very far from appropriate schools.
  4. Children from desolate neighborhoods e.g. near bars and video halls.
  5. Children from very poor families where the basic necessities to support learning e.g. food are lacking.
  6. Children living in homes where they are prone to adult abuse.