Children and youth in Uganda achieve their full potential in life.


To provide hope in life for vulnerable but bright children and youth through education and marketable skills to enable them become productive citizens.

Legal Status.

Hans Lindner Foundation has been supporting education of vulnerable children and youth in Uganda through other organizations since 1999. However, in 2005, Lindner Foundation Uganda was launched to directly implement activities. It was registered with the NGO Board and with the Registrar of Companies as a company limited by guarantee. It started operations in 2006. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees, is responsible for its funding.

The Mandate of Lindner Foundation Uganda

The mandate of Lindner Foundation in Uganda is to improve access to quality education and vocational skills to vulnerable children and youth. The Foundation envisages achieving its objectives through; setting up and implementing programs/projects; supporting organizations and institutions that help people who are deprived where such organizations and/or institutions depend on support from others; and giving one-off payments or regular allowances to people who run into economic difficulties.