Agri-business Program

For the purpose of sustainability, the foundation is building an Agribusiness program that will generate income and also work as a training ground for  practical agriculture. The farm is located in Kalamba, Kasanda district and sits on 600 acres of land of which 26 acres has been utilized to plant coffee.

Agri-business Income Streams

The Agri-Business is mandated to generate income. Several income streams have been projected which include;

  • Coffee: This will be coffee grown both on the farm and by out-growers.
  • Horticulture: This will include fruits grown in the open field like mangoes and bananas that will be intercropped within the coffee as shade providers. Five acres will be earmarked for pineapples among others.
  • High-end nuts, spices and herbs. These include; Cashew nuts, macadamia, walnuts, Shea, cloves, cumin etc.
  • Training: This will be also another income generating activity for the farm for the different categories that are coming to learn. However, training addressing the Lindner Foundation Uganda market gap at the out-grower level will be free to equip farmers with knowledge to improve production.
  • Donor Funds: This will be supplementing the incomes from the farm.