Alumni Association of Lindner Foundation Uganda

Uganda (AALFU) is an initiative of the alumni students of the Foundation that was implemented in 2013. The association comprises of more than 150 persons who were sponsored by the Foundation, went through their education and are now professionals in their own right, in a wide range of disciplines.


 The Association’s primary role is uniting persons who were sponsored by the Foundation. In so doing, it encourages its members to network for mutual benefit; Contribute towards the realization of the Foundation’s goals by participating in activities like career guidance, life skills training, and mentorship; Resources mobilisation for members in times of need, among others.

Alumni executives are democratically elected after every two years and their leadership roles are constitutionally guided. It is therefore, a registered community based organisation, as an affiliate of Lindner Foundation Uganda. Annual work plan activities are financed by grants from the Foundation.

At AALFU, we strive to uphold and honour the Lindner Foundation experience, for it accorded us that which the world could not give us.