Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneurship Program


The Entrepreneurship programme involves support to business and practical skills development to address the unemployment problem among youth by strengthening their capacity to become self-employed or be easily absorbed by the job market.

The activities under this programme include;

Business Skills training

This involves checking, evaluation and realizing of business ideas brought forward by the targeted trainees basing on their surveys and passions. This constantly improves the capacity of trainees to develop business ideas in relation to the business environment challenges.

Internship Placement and Allocation

Lindner Foundation Uganda has established trust relationships with several companies where it links trainees who have completed the business skills training for placement. After the placement, the trainees are expected to write their own business plans. They are also encouraged to join the Lindner Foundation Staff and Community Cooperative Society (LIFSCO SACCO) where they can access the finances for start-up.

Internship Evaluation

As a means to address the unemployment problem among the youth, the foundation imparts marketable practical skills to its boarding house occupants and beneficiaries in Primary Seven and ordinary level vacation as and when necessary.


Over 50 youth have been equipped with practical business and skills.