Message from Country Manager

Country Manager


Since the birth of Lindner Foundation Uganda in 2006, a lot has been achieved. Over the last five years Lindner Foundation Uganda has made great strides while implementing the 2015-2019 strategic plan. We take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported us during the implementation of the previous strategic plan, especially the Lindner family without whom this would not have been possible. As we focus on the new strategy of 2020-2024 we shall build on the successes of 2015-2019 strategy.

Current Status

Lindner Foundation Uganda currently has two programmes. Education sponsorship and Entrepreneurship programmes. It’s through these programmes that its beneficiaries are expected to become self-reliant and productive citizens.

From the time of inception, education sponsorship has been the flagship of the foundation. This programme entails the support of bright but vulnerable children and youth through full scholarships in primary, secondary, vocational levels and provision of loans for tertiary institutions. In addition, Lindner Foundation Uganda provides a life skills training and entrepreneurship training to its beneficiaries that enables them grow into skilled and well-functioning adults. Lindner Foundation Uganda engages different stakeholders to achieve its mission and vision. These include

  • Parent Associations that brings together all the parents and guardians of the beneficiaries to discuss the matters related to their children.
  • Alumni Association of Lindner Foundation Uganda (AALFU) that brings together all former beneficiaries of the Foundation.
  • The Lindner Foundation Staff and Community Cooperative Society (LIFSCO SACCO) whose main purpose is to relieve financial challenges for the Lindner Foundation stakeholders including staff, parents, AALFU members, volunteers and the community in areas of operation.

The foundation has agricultural land located in Kalamba, Kasanda district situated on 500 acres of land of which 26 acres are already planted with coffee.

New Strategic Focus

In the new strategic plan 2020-2024, Lindner Foundation Uganda has added one more program that will be very useful in imparting skills to its beneficiates and also adding to the sustainability of the Foundation. The three programmes will be, Education support, Entrepreneurship and Agri-business. This will involve a significant change in the way we work with our beneficiaries, parents, volunteers and other stakeholder. All proceeds earned from the Agri-Business program will be ploughed back into the other programs of the Foundation. The Foundation will maintain its status as a non-profit organization. The new strategy provides a framework for linking the three programmes to efficiently add value to the beneficiaries and the community. The New strategy will emphasize value addition and all programmes will complement each other.

Governance and management structure

Lindner Foundation Uganda will continue to have a three-tier governance structure. These are Board of Trustees, the Board of Directors and the management team together they will be responsible for the oversight and implementation of the strategy.


The new strategic focus is a significant commitment from the Lindner Family. We are once again grateful to the Lindner Family for their vision and commitment to this cause.