Sponsorship Performance

Sponsorship Performance

Lindner Foundation Uganda successfully implemented its previous strategy for the period 2015 -2019. According to the strategy review process held in August and September 2018 in Gulu and Kampala respectively.

The Foundation established a network of volunteers and stakeholders who have provided efficient coordination of activities including payment of school fees, mobilization of parents and beneficiaries to attend like skills/sensitization trainings that are arranged every year. The essence is to train the parents on their roles and responsibilities in the program and also help beneficiaries cope with social and academic challenges.

More than 150 monitoring visits were conducted in the last three years to communicate policy updates, strengthen relationship between the Foundation and the partner schools and so as to provide sycho-social support where necessary.

In the last five years, the Foundation has sponsored 540 beneficiaries, 443 on full scholarship and 100 provided with Study Loans for Tertiary education.

Lindner Foundation Uganda supports an average of 350 beneficiaries annually. In the past five years, this target was achieved with a completion and dropout rate of 10%. Every year, an average of 45 beneficiaries are recruited into the Foundation. This is the basis for the next five years’ projections.

The expected growth is 10% in 2019 and 5% in the following years. The Foundation will continue to target an average of 350 beneficiaries every year. The dropout and completion rate will also remain at 15%.