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In executing the Community Based Education

Sponsorship Programme, Lindner Foundation Uganda works with Volunteers, who are located in various districts across the country. These Volunteers, are charged with the responsibility of identifying potential beneficiaries; tracing their schools and homes. They represent the Foundation in the communities and at the partner schools; making sure to monitor academic progress; collect, and submit academic testimonials; provide necessary on-spot counselling and mentorship to beneficiaries and parents/guardians; compile school requirements, receive and submit all necessary school payments that are provided for by the Foundation.

Fridah Musenze, is the Volunteer in charge of the Mukono district Lindner Foundation Uganda community.

“When I joined Lindner Foundation Uganda in 2009 as a Volunteer, I immediately began working with parents on building up a strong association. Parents were in agreement and so we were able to form an association which we named the Mukono Lindner Parents Association. Since then we met frequently to chart out ways and means of being able to overcome our problems, giving specific attention to academic performance of the children.

Parents were so proactive. They unanimously agreed to go the extra step, to establishing a savings scheme that would give them easy access to credit whenever they were in need. We went on to formalize the group and had it registered in the name of Kwagala kwe development group.”

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