Dr. Charles Kivumbi

I joined Lindner Foundation in 2006 when I was in senior three. I had difficulties in getting school fees and scholastic materials.

My mother died when I was four, I never saw my father. I lived in the village with my grandmother.
Life was so hard, but I managed to complete primary education and fortunately passed well and joined a secondary. Through hardship I completed senior two. At this point, I thought it was over!

One afternoon, a social worker that my grandmother had interacted with before came home. The memory of that afternoon, is still fresh. She asked to take me to her home because she had found a school for me and the sponsor needed proof of my presence. My grandmother accepted because, I think, she was desperate. As for me, I was happy for the opportunity to return to school. It was nonthe-lees painful leaving my grand mum.
A few days later I was taken to a magnificent office by the social worker with all my academic documents where I answered a few logical questions. I was offered a big form to fill at home.

For the first time in my life I met two strangers whose love and care very well substituted for mum and dad! These people often visited my grandmother to offer moral support and also visited me at school. They made a turning point in my life. I later learnt that the man is the Country Manager Mr. Denis Awalinga and the lady was the Sponsorship officer, Miss Aye Cora Lydia.

Two weeks into the final term of senior three, my fees were fully paid. I was declared a complete beneficiary of Lindner Foundation Uganda! I completed the term, performed well and I joined senior four.
It was so amazing that I was the first student to complete fees payments including Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) registration fees. I studied smoothly, joyfully with focus. Senior four was accomplished well with first grade in Rock Foundation Secondary School Nsambya.
The Continuation

After O”level results were released, I chose Masaka secondary school where I studied my High school Certificate. Sincerely there is no time I missed classes because of school fees. Most remarkably Madam Cora used to travel from Kampala to visit me in Masaka and to make my fees payments.