Sarah Amono

Sarah lost both her parents in 1999, at the height of northern Uganda’s 20-year insurgency.

She remained in the care of relatives but with very little hope of going to school.

At the time she had completed her primary education and was due to join secondary school. Sadly though, she hardly attended school, spent most her time as a baby sitter.

Sarah was in 2006 identified by a volunteer and taken up by the foundation.

Sarah was able to complete her education in 2015, graduating as a student of Tourism from Makerere University. Today she is a proud alumnus.

Uganda Community based tourism network were looking for someone to send as a participant for FK. So, I went and worked with them for a period of one year, 2016 – 2017. The exposure that I got from out there shows that there is a lot of offer in the sector, for northern Uganda; Especially when it comes to culture and food.

There is a lot to offer in terms of tourism. Here we are talking about the uniqueness to this community. That is an opportunity that I am looking up to. I want to be able to set up my own “Home-stay”, where I will be hosting visitors.

Sarah Amono harvesting a delicacy vegetable “Akeyo”, a key item in her planned
“Home-stay” tourism business.